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We bring life to your events through our extraordinary management, implementation and commitment. What we bring to the table is skillful, technical and creative execution of a variety of events, providing quality event management services, development and implementation of marketing strategies, high-level of communication skills, administrative duties, and excellent organizational and financial skills.

The Start Line

Ideas are a result of visionary power, we believe that every idea is worth paying heed to. That being said, events are occasions were customers/clients are always looking for perfection, whether it comes from experience or an Abstract idea that an individual may put forward, and perfecting those abstracts is our job and it gives us the vision to which we thrive to work towards. Abstract is just the start, and that is where we are

Our Vision

To be the most agile people to work with, give our customers the WOW factor and SEAMLESS service and support they deserve.

The Fam

We are a perfect blend of problem-solvers and critical thinkers, bringing experienced workers, promoters, project handlers and most of all stellar talent to handle anything that comes our way.

Not Done Yet Attitude

We thrive to reach beyond our imagination, hence we as a family believe in the system of “not done yet” reminding us of the attribute on which this organization is built, which is to never get into our comfort zone and keep thriving.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

At Abstract Event Management, we bring your events to life by creating interactive XR (extended reality) solutions to help you deliver a rich and engaging event experience for your attendees. Using the latest technology, we offer unique AR and VR services varying from marketing apps, games, 3D models to promotional products and exhibitions.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• AR kiosk for your global events, trade shows & exhibitions.
• Affordable entertainment equipment's. For example, visual effect glasses.
• 3D models that gives your customers a 360° experience of your project/product.
• As part of your virtual event, we help you create games, learning experiences & virtual tours.
• A customized AR mobile app to increase business and brand awareness, giving life to your content and making it interactive for your customers.
• Hybrid or live streaming virtual event setup as per client’s requirements.

Photo Booth & Video Booth

We don’t create the best photo booths – we create moments that last!

Looking for an effective way to promote your brand? These innovative Photo & video booths are simple, quick & efficient way to make moments unforgettable for your guests and making your event successful.
We offer innovative, fun & interaction concepts that make every event a success. Our photo & video booths are suitable for every kind of event: weddings, exhibitions, promotional events, corporate events or a birthday parties. We expertise in creating custom photo and video experiences for your guests allowing them to instantly share their images and videos with friends and family.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• High quality photo booths
• Roaming Photo booth
• Augmented reality Photo booths
• GIF and boomerang photo booths
• Green screen photography and live photography
• Video photo booths
• Slow motion video photo booths

Simulators & Gestures Based Games

Simulators & gesture based games at an event is an innovative, unique and inspiring idea to market your brand, making your events fun & memorable for your customers. Gesture recognition technology is hands-free, sensor based technology which allows users to interact and control the system without touching. With gesture based technology you can allow your customers to navigate through the content and 3D model of your project/product with simple hand gestures These activities take minimal space. However, they are an effective way to increase attendees in an event.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• A wide range of virtual reality, augmented reality and event games that suit requirements of our client’s.
• Fun & challenging mini games using hand controllers. For example, target shooting, archery, snowball fights, basketball, etc. These games can be scored, which can be used to track top performances giving brands the opportunity to distribute prizes at the end of the event.
• Brainwave reading games.
• Sports – VR football, running, baseball, skiing and much more.
• Experimental games – allowing spectators dive deep into remarkable interactions from travelling around the world to their favorite destination to walking on the edge of a 70-storey high building.
• Tilt brush allowing guests to paint in 3D space with virtual reality.

Sports Activations

Abstract Event Management specializes in planning, organizing, implementing and managing sports events of different shapes and sizes. Our professional team has years of experience in managing sports events from the initial phase of developing a concept throughout the completion of the event. Whether it’s a sports tournament or a corporate sports event, at Abstract Event Management we know how make it memorable & successful for you. By working closely with the client, we ensure all requirements are understood & fulfilled by our team.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Making it easier for you to build brand awareness by using sports event as a platform.
• Sports marketing: social media, banners, website/page, PR, photography.
• National and international sports event management.
• Sports business networking events organizing and management.
• Corporate sports event planning, organizing & management.

Touch Screen Application

Are you planning a trade show, an exhibition, a road show or any other type of event soon? If yes, then give your event an extra impact with interactive touch screen technology and attract more visitors to your event. Using touch screens at an event is proven to be a convenient way for attendees to interact with your content, adding value to your event. Touch screens can also enhance the way your company’s content is presented, making it easier for attendees to learn about your product and services.
So, leave behind the traditional static displays and introduce animation, 3D modelling & digital content in your events with Abstract Event Management. We will manage event production for you, ensuring your guests receive the maximum value from your touch screen technology. We install and test the technology to ensure that it is ready before the event.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Interactive displays & animations for exhibitions.
• Digital signage, interactive multi touch screen kiosks, walls and tables.
• Interactive presentation of product and services using AR technology.
• Permanent or temporary installations of touch screens.

Corporate Events

We do realize that your corporate event is your corporate reputation on the line. Ranging from a small scale or virtual event to large scale events, we work on planning and producing corporate events and functions. Whether you want to thank your client’s, motivate your team, or entertain potential client’s, we will ensure that your event is implemented following the company’s culture, values, and vision. Our incredibly talented in-house team of experts has wealth of experience in planning, designing, implementing and managing seminars & conferences, trade shows, incentive programs, industry awards, ceremonies, product launches, social events, annual meetings, annual employee parties.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Location and venue sourcing.
• Decor & styling the event venue.
• Event production and onsite management.
• Managing promotional material for the event.
• Audio and visuals.
• Website and mobile app supporting events.
• Speaker / artist bookings as required.
• Live video streaming of the event.
• Videography and photography.

Conference & Exhibition

The secret to a successful campaign is to turn the attendees and guests from passive passers-by into active explorers and potential client’s. We help you to achieve that using a full range of exhibition planning and conference build-up with floor plans, layouts and eye-catching stand designs and its construction along with its on-site management with other resources, to help your brand and business be distinguishable amongst the other exhibitors at the event and make you the talk of the town.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Engaging and creative exhibition designs as per your needs.
• Assembling, dismantling, storing, renting or purchasing the necessary arrangements.
• Managing and executive the multiple aspects involved in the event, including lighting, AV, sound, videography, photography and visuals.
• Installation of customized national pavilions.
• Shell scheme booths.
• Working together with our technical specialists to ensure efficient activations.
• Vector based art work for portable displays including pop up stands, fast assemble booths, pop up furniture, banners & collateral.
• Signage and graphics as per client’s requirement.
• Event management services such as brand ambassadors, ushers, models & promoters.

Mall Activation

We are specialized in doing Mall Activation and creating unique activation that works within any client budget. We are involved in every step of producing mall activations: booking, designing and grounds management, where we engage people and create experiences. At Abstract Event, our team is always ready to listen to your ideas and create something spectacular & affordable that will give the “WOW” factor to our client’s. Our team of professionals is bursting with innovative ideas to make your next activation eye-catching and appealing, giving tons of memories and amazing photographs to your client’s.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Installations of mall podiums, display stands, kiosks, pop – up stores and pop – up stands.
• Virtual reality booths, vending machines, campaigns or 3D designed kiosks and stalls to reach the target audience in a creative & unique way.
• Vector based art works and graphics.
• In-store activations.
• Interactive product activations through entertainment, storytelling and innovation technology to impact the targeted audience.
• Event management services such as brand ambassadors, ushers, models & promoters.


When we see the word “road show” our mind instantly draws an image of attractive trucks with colorful, thrilling & exciting surroundings & stunning anchors. Nothing is better than a well – organized roadshow to expand your brand’s message and increase brand awareness at a larger scale in a fun and creative way. At Abstract Event, we design roadshows that solve challenges of your business and take your message straight to the target market. So, sit back and relax and let our team of experts take on the burden and deliver an impactful event that resonates and drive results. From designing to implementation, our experienced event management team will handle the everything, resulting in big success.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Audio visual design and onsite support.
• Custom branded print and design materials as per requirements.
• Videography and photography.
• Logistics and transport management.
• Venue sourcing.
• Onsite event production management.
• Other services as per requirements.

Entertainment & Artist Management

We believe that talent requires hard work, cultivation, vision, dedication and the personalized attention that Abstract Event Management provides. It’s not something that is discovered overnight. From Arabic, Indian to International, we have a bank of unlimited talent suiting each and every occasion of yours. Every successful event requires a strong team behind it. Our team at Abstract Event Management fulfils our client’s needs and exceeds their expectations with both professionalism and personal concern, ensuring your event or activation runs smoothly. Production assistants, writers, directors, technicians, hosts, models and artists depending on your requirements.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• We provide various services to companies and brands looking for entertainment marketing strategy.
• We offer a variety of entertainers & talents for all sort of events to create a unique experience for our client’s.
• We handle artist booking and management, as well as concert production for public, private and corporate events.
• We also specialize in core entertainment development services such as merchandise & apparel, sponsorships, tours, shows & more.

Wedding & Private Events

From birthdays to weddings, life is filled with endless events, and a lot goes behind the stage to put up a remarkable event. You can choose to do the stressful event yourself on your toes or simply reach out to us to orchestrate lasting memories for a special occasion with a combination of theatre and creative flair and grace, alongside military precision and attention to detail so that you can relax and enjoy the big day.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• The right venue selection that fits your budget, taste, style and preference.
• Theme creation, venue design and decor.
• On-site event management to ensure everything goes smoothly.
• Furniture & lights rental & setup.
• Singer/ band/ musician management as per the client’s requirements.
• Photography & videography services to capture special moments of your events.
• Catering & customized cakes.
• Professional makeup and henna artist services as per the client’s requirements & budget.

Interior & Exterior

Abstract Event Management functions as a bespoke design entity with access to some of the best and most creative designers in the UAE. Our team can provide you with most cost efficient designs including all the requirements of client. We at Abstract Event provides you with full range interior & exterior design services and guide you through every stage of the process to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• Designing a new project or re-designing an existing interior.
• All necessary services are provided such as consulting, initial drawings, site analysis, space planning, 3D visualization, conceptual budgeting, materials selection, bespoke furniture sourcing, project coordination, supervision and project realization.
• Our team has experience in executing full interior-fit out and renovations.
• We create sustainable and scalable structures and make optimum use of light and space.
• Our superior services present many benefits, right from happier employees, improved brand image to its usefulness as a tool to make an impression on client’s.

3d Designing & Animation

Dedicated to visual communication through outright awesome design approaches. At Abstract Event, we make sure to give you the most relevant designs and concepts that fits the objectives of your project. Our designers continue to find the latest trend in the industry and apply these to your events. Today, concept and design have become the most powerful elements of an event. We not only find you the right suppliers for your dream event. We also personally design your event and build upon your vision.

Our services include but are not limited to:
• We use 3D renders to bring ideas to life to show client’s exactly what they are getting. No secrets.
• Vector graphics.
• 2D and 3D illustrations.
• High end visualization.
• 3D product modelling.
• Unique and high-quality video creation.
• Still image visualization.
• Virtual and Augmented reality solutions.
• Animation and motion.

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